AfroAsiatic Perspectives #10: 2011… Mind Control vs. the ‘Resolutionary’

by Takuan Amaru

"Ignorance is a food source" ~Dr. Phil Valentine

“I think a lot of us are increasingly recognizing that the dominant culture is killing the planet… I think it’s very important for us to start to build a culture of resistance, because what we’re doing isn’t working, clearly.” ~Derrick Jensen, author of “Resistance against Empire”

Derrick Jensen, author of 15 books critiquing contemporary society and the destruction of the environment, is known as the “poet-philosopher of the ecological movement.” In an interview, he recounted a very bizarre episode from a book called The Nazi Doctors that occurred in the Death Camps of the 1940s. These German doctors, despite their allegiance to Hitler and the Nazi party, couldn’t resist the innate, human desire to help the oppressed holocaust victims.

He said they would help the inmates in various ways such as dispensing extra blankets or aspirins for those complaining of cold or fever.

They would do what they could to help, except for the most important thing of all, which is they wouldn’t question the existence of the entire death camp itself…”

Despite the doctors gradually becoming aware that they were part of something sinister, they still could not bring themselves to openly oppose the system or refuse to participate. Instead they would tirelessly work within the rules to try to “improve conditions marginally.”

Jensen concludes “in retrospect, of course, that’s just not sufficient.” However, he sees himself and other long-time activists of being guilty of the same type of illogical malaise and states the inherent problem with working from inside the system…or from inside “the box.”

The problem is, whenever we figure out a way to use their rules to actually stop them…they change the rules”

Mass Movements / Organizations are ‘Played Out’

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results” ~Albert Einstein

Demonstrations, marches, boycotts, strikes, riots, a million men in Washington DC…you name it, if it’s a type of mass movement we have done it to a higher degree and with more success than the powers-that-be ever thought we could. That said, if we look at the results from all the hard work and dedication that Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, the NAACP, the Young Lords, or any grassroots organization or gang since the Mau Mau Revolution has put in, what do we see?

A Real Revolution and Resolution

Despite a so-called “African-American President”, the year 2010 witnessed record numbers of murders, incarceration and even character assassinations of melanin-rich citizens all over the world. Corruption, war, poverty, unemployment, police brutality, domestic and sexual abuse… How about taxes, healthcare, the economy in general…

Where is the improvement? Can we look in the mirror and truly say our standard of living has improved at all? No, the real question is:

Can we say it hasn’t gotten worse?

Thinking outside “the Box”, Satellite Terrorism and Mind Control

Anything is possible with a devil that has this much technology at his disposal” ~Bro. Polight

If someone told you that micro-antennae, micro-chips, fluoride and aluminum were deliberately put into the food and water supply for the purpose of sending subtle messages to a distinct demographic of people to encourage them to kill and compete against their own kin, i.e. to act in an insane manner which goes against their very own self-preservation, what would you think?

Is someone who believes this ‘out of their mind’?

If you think so, there is still one other possible conclusion. Perhaps, someone or something is inside of yours.

After further examination, if “satellite terrorism” is not the culprit behind why Black and Brown people kill one another and sell crack-cocaine… If we are not receiving subliminal suggestions that persuade us to not only compete and disrespect our own, but also to NEVER turn our guns or sights on the real oppressor, the common enemy…the “tamahu” (western man and his belief system)…

…If that is not the reason for our self-hatred, Rev. Phil Valentine, Bro. Polight, along with Dr. Francis Cress Welsing and many others are waiting to hear all/any other logical explanations.

Like Cheikh Anta Diop, Gerald Massey, Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima and many others who have brought clarity concerning many facts about this “modern”, western civilization (white supremacy), since their well researched, documented facts cannot be refuted, the accepted methodology of the western intellectual community has been to simply ignore or try to discredit without addressing any relevant scholarship.

In an era known as the “Information Age” we can now communicate with people all around the world at the touch of a button. With high-definition TV’s, cell phones, palm-pilots, computers, I-pods, satellites, and other forms of “smart” technology being the order of the day, why is it so unbelievable that micro-antennae, micro-chips and other forms of mind control techniques are being employed?

Is the reason because such tactics are immoral, not to mention a violation of our human rights?

Since we know that a person’s (or government’s) reputation precedes them, what is the US Government’s “credibility” in such a case? In other words, if this type of technology exists…and it surely does, the only thing that would prevent a society from using it for illicit purposes would be a high level of morals, values, and ethics.

So, what type of reputation has western society earned over the years? What is their ethical credit rating?

Aside from the infamous Tuskegee and Nazi Experiments, or the barbarous episodes of small-pox being put in blankets by Europeans and given to Native Americans, how many people know that the self-proclaimed leaders of freedom, justice and equality, the US government, intentionally put poison into vast quantities of liquor during the Prohibition Era of the 1920s and 30s in an effort to scare the population into giving up “illicit drinking.”

So, they murdered several thousands of hard working Americans using a chemical warfare experiment because they wanted to “control” their drinking habit. There are so many incidents of the US and other western powers “experimenting”, or waging all-out biological / chemical warfare on original people around the globe that, without a doubt, these so-called “advanced cultures” now have zero credibility in regards to humanity, brotherly love, or even friendship.

Gandhi, when asked his opinion of “western civilization” by a European journalist, responded: “I think it would be a good idea.”

“Prevent the RISE OF A “MESSIAH” who could Unify and Electrify…”

In the Holy Bible, there is a story of King Herod ordering the killing of all male children 2 years old and under in an attempt to murder his potential rival before he could mature to realize his power as the Christ and his destiny to usurp the throne. Herod is described as “no stranger to political ruthlessness” and as a tyrant that lived a very “dog-eat-dog life.”

Could a US Imperial Policy that exploits the majority of the world, that sanctions against helpless, starving people, has several millions of incarcerated prisoners or commits daily human and civil rights violations against its own citizens be construed as using dog-eat-dog tactics? Could Bill S510 and the Codex Alimentarius Commission be viewed as political ruthlessness?

You be the judge.

It is also written that an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, “Rise, take the child and His mother and flee to Egypt, and remain there till I tell you; for Herod is about to search for the child, to destroy Him.” ~Matthew 2:13

According to many prophets, Herod is again on the trail to “prevent the rise of a messiah.” The only question remaining is what lengths will he go to…can he go to, in the “Age of Information” to prevent us from uniting and becoming “electrified”?

Stay tuned for 2011 ReSolutions in the 11th Edition of the hottest ‘awareness’ article on the internet, AfroAsiatic Perspectives…Shalom!

Resource / Notes:

Book: The Nazi Doctors; by Robert Jay Lifton

Quote: “Prevent the rise of a “MESSIAH” who can unify and electrify…” ~J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO memorandum 1968

Perhaps he was a prophet after all...

Interview: Derrick Jensen / Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

Blogtalk Radio: Truth to Power; host Ms. Beverly Martin; Guests: Rev. Dr. Phil Valentine / Bro. Polight aka Amun-re

About Takuan Amaru

Takuan Amaru is an author, teacher, and public speaker. Former columnist of the Examiner (Philadelphia) magazine, he has written over 100 articles on various topics such as popular culture/music, ancient spirituality, and philosophy. Tak borrows from diverse life-experiences as a soldier, social worker, athlete, as well as music artist to connect with readers. He makes his home in Nagoya, Japan. Contact: or connect on Facebook. Websites: /
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4 Responses to AfroAsiatic Perspectives #10: 2011… Mind Control vs. the ‘Resolutionary’

  1. Rasheid says:

    Wow….I mean really, wow!!! This is a blazing, scorching hot issue. Keep blazing brutha and maintain your mission.

  2. dexter says:

    I think it is very possible just look at our society today. i understand anlot now by have deep convo with causin who is realy deep thinker he guided me in this direction of life and now my eye are open. I list and read as much as i can, to brother Bobby Hemmit and REV Phil Valentin books you both say read i try to get because they a closing all the book stors just another form of control they you can get what you need on the web certain book are hard to get. like they did in biblical day remove the real important information and rewrite angin to rewite histoy(his-story).

  3. dexter says:

    could someone please comment on the book (yhwh) wich is the seven keys of enoch.

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