AfroAsiatic Perspectives #11: “Stereotypes of a Black Male Misunderstood…”

by Takuan Amaru

"His Story" of the Black Man in the Americas

Part I: Empathize

I thought about the black men who turned their heads during slavery as if they didn’t know the white master was raping their wife, daughter, sister, and even mother. I tried to understand what it was that gives black men the capacity to say and do nothing while they are being so obviously violated…. Were they cowards or just survivors?” ~Sister Souljah; from the novel, “No Disrespect”

Could the same sentiments be uttered in 2011 about the state of Black Manhood?

Before and After Civil Rights

Well, things may not be perfect, but you must admit, we have come a long way” ~politically correct sentiment


Is there any difference in how adult, black males “say and do nothing” while Oscar Grant, Shawn Bell or Aiyana Stanley Jones are murdered in the public eye and when innocent, black youth such as Emmitt Till were lynched in the public square?

Today, perhaps it is impossible for us to fully grasp just how much “strange fruit” was hanging (rotting) on trees all around the US. Put it this way, it was to the point where the main medium of communication, the English language itself, was forced to create appropriate idioms of expression for this ‘peculiar culture’.

Brief “Crackanalysis” of Language

The ‘cracka’ was the man who whipped the slaves on the plantation. Most times the man who cracked his whip was a lower-class, white overseer or foreman, however, sometimes the cracka was a melanin-rich man who felt pressure to turn against his own.

It has been known for years that the origins of the word ‘picnic’ were rooted in the Jim Crow era lynchings. These regular afternoon gatherings became family-fun-filled events when some of the local, “good ol’ boys” would go out and “pick-a-ni**er”…

…to be lynched.

Men, women and children of all ages would gather for these barbarous spectacles to witness a (usually) black male get whipped, beaten and kicked to within an inch of his life for the appetizer, but always being sure to save the loud, crisp, eerie sound of the snapping of the vertebrae…the actual roped execution, for the main dish.

Oh, and for dessert… The ‘settlers’ would enjoy the customary surgical removal of the testicles and penis…to be kept “as souvenirs.”


Despite the fact that so much information (including ‘post-card type’ photos) remains of these monstrous “family celebrations”, there are many people who still try to deny that the very foundation of the United States is built on murdering and exploiting melanin-rich people with a special focus on the male in this regard.

The origin of the word "picnic"?

The horrible, grisly truth many wish to hide is that lynching darker complexions has been the nation’s pastime more so than even the beloved and cherished sport of baseball.

Part II: The Ritual

A Legacy of the Neutered and Raped

Where were all the government appointed psychologists and mental health specialists for the millions of females and boys who were repeatedly raped over several generations by “massa” after the so-called abolishment of slavery?

If President Lincoln’s cabinet really intended on all of the people in America coming together to live in a “united state of existence” equally under one banner, wouldn’t they have provided some sort of psychological therapy, not to mention a ‘new-career workshop’ or two…something to assist and welcome these new “citizens”?

Use your common sense.

Even in the 20th century, many everyday, working class mothers and wives were forced to stoop to the level of prostituting their bodies to feed their families when the “honky” came honking his horn in the evening for a quick shot of (melanin-rich) sex after more than a couple shots of whisky at the bar.

And what about all of these women’s husbands, brothers and fathers? Since they were denied opportunities for employment due to racism, they could not have possibly met the basic, minimum requirement necessary to qualify as “bread winner” in the home.

How long does it take for a man’s self-esteem to erode when he has no way to earn any money to feed his family? And even beyond that, what happens to his role within that family structure…in the bigger society?

What are the compounded effects to the psyche of the black male who has sat by helplessly for centuries and watched the barrage of insults and abuse from western society transform the reputation of what-was-once the world’s most beautiful and virtuous wonder into the modern day “Whore of Babylon”?

These now broken spirits have been denied access to their true lineage as the descendants of great heroes in the ancient world…the legendary giants of folklore whom all tales of chivalry are based. The ones whose title to knightliness compelled the Spaniards many centuries later to address them as “Knights of the Granada, Gentlemen, albeit Moors.”

The feared as well as venerated, “Black-a-Moor”, who not only colonized Spain for 7 centuries (until the nightmarish year of 1492) but also attempted to civilize all of Europe with the wonders of math, science, literature, and music.

Who would ever believe that the origin of the warrior’s code of ethics, or bushido”, made famous in Japanese culture, could arguably be traced to a group of disenfranchised men who are held in contempt, not honour, for their achievements?

In 2011, any one of these neutered and housebroken pets could easily be said to be more reminiscent of a harmless lion at the zoo than any fearful Samurai of the Emperor.

America is an unhealthy society…for anybody. It’s based on greed and materialism” ~Umar Abdullah-Johnson

Umar Abdullah-Johnson

Umar Johnson, a respected school psychologist / child therapist, serving the greater Philadelphia community states that “there is nothing healthy about American society.” But over and beyond even this grim dilemma stands an imposing system of “sick-lical”, self-hatred set up to poison the minds of our children.

The absence of traditional family values, which begins with a healthy concept of womanhood / manhood virtues, is directly proportionate to the growing number of homosexuals within the black community. This is only one of the many “psychological imbalances” that is devastatingly detrimental for the entire community.

So, where does this sick, cycle of self-hatred begin?

Ironically, we learn it begins innocently enough with the indoctrination known simply as “school.”

The only thing people care about with black boys (in school) is whether or not they can sit still long enough to be ‘mis-educated”

For the children not interested in “sitting still”, they are sent to what was once known as the department of “child psychology” or “mental health”, but now has been renamed, “behavioral health.” Once there, without a second thought, these trusting souls are quickly prescribed mentally and physically damaging, psychotropic drugs by strangers in white coats who barely get to know the youngster’s names.

Incidentally, why all the departmental name changes?

Umar Johnson explains that this clearly illustrates how they feel about our children:

We (the system) don’t care that the boy is depressed. We don’t care that he has lost his father…or maybe a friend to gang violence. We don’t care that he was molested… All we care about is how he acts (behaves)…’Behavioral Health”

Too many of these abused children grow up totally neglected in a home environment where human compassion is virtually non-existent; so they have little opportunity to experience any feelings of love or grace…not even from family members.

Think about that deeply for a moment.

No one ever took time to talk to them or teach them anything; no one ever made them feel special…feel like a human being.

And as a result, they have no respect for their elders…hence, no respect for themselves.

Hmm, is this what rapper Li’l Wayne’s album entitled, I’m not a Human Being” is all about?

And then many of us are shocked when a young brother pulls out a gun and blows another brother’s brains out (just) for stepping on his toe… How could he do that? It’s easy…he never learned the meaning of compassion…that stuff needs to be learned!”

The Emotional Pain Body and Marriage

Two mentally sick people cannot make a healthy relationship, nor can they raise happy children…”

The Emotional Pain Body (EPB), is a “chip of self-hatred” that is suppressed in the subconscious of a person and can be activated suddenly and without warning if she / he is put in a stressful situation. The duration and severity of these “post-traumatic stress disorders” vary from person to person.

Bro. Umar stresses that those people with a severe EPB should not even consider entering into a sexual or marital relationship.

But in many cases, this is exactly the opposite of what occurs.

One thing we have to recognize is that the self-hatred that has been conditioned into the minds of African people also affects our relationships…”

All melanin-rich people learn very early in life to be actors when in the presence of white folks. After so many years, has the act finally caught up with us? Are we now trying to deceive each other…even ourselves?

Just a “Little White Lie”?

Since black women only stand a 25% chance to marry a black man anyway, given the state of affairs as we know them today, this alone is easily more than enough motivation for a woman to “overemphasize” some of her more positive characteristics while simultaneously focusing on concealing some less attractive traits when dating a young, debonair brother.

A person advertising more of their positive side while consciously camouflaging a few less appealing qualities is nothing new, nor necessarily sinister in the institution of courting. But where do we draw the line between introducing our positive-side-only, “representative”, to our date and straight-up lying?

Bro. Umar tells us that some young couples date for as long as 2 or 3 years and actually fall in love with each other’s representatives only to find out later…after it is already too late (married / family) that the level-headed, intelligent person they thought they were in love with is actually a manic depressant, bi-polar psychopath.

Of course these issues are only revealed once the “dating” and “honey moon” phases have completely ended. In other words, when the stresses of ‘real life’ begin to manifest, it is inevitable that those carefully suppressed EPB, bi-polar “bones will come out from the closet”.

Since “no man in America has more stress than a black man”, what does all of this imply about the home and marital affairs of the victims of the “constant onslaught of white supremacy”?

Civil War in the Home by Design

For every problem that is in our community that the white man says, ‘I have nothing to do with it’…we all know that he is (in fact) the very one who set it up…”

Once a young man realizes that the environment he lives in is hostile towards his very existence, he learns to be careful…too careful. The result of this is that unfortunately his home becomes the only institution where he feels he can truly express himself.

Since this societal outcast is constantly harassed by the cops, disrespected and otherwise cannot assert his manliness all day while at work or whenever he is away from his home, he develops a tendency to “over-compensate” for all of the expression of manhood that he had to suppress during the day as a survival tactic. Thus, when he returns from work, this frustration explodes out, over and ugly onto his family and into his home. This tragic, often overlooked side-effect of white supremacy transforms many black men into “dictators and oppressors of their own women and children.” This explains why black males are at a slightly higher risk to become domestic abusers.

If that is not enough fuel for the fire, Bro. Umar keeps it coming.

Now when he comes home from work and expects not to be challenged for the position of leadership in his home he is met by an ‘educated’ sister who has been “trained by the white man” that since she has a college degree and might make more money than her husband, that gives her the right to rule over him”

Domestic civil war erupts in the home.

He is trying to compensate for the manhood he is not allowed to express in white society and she is trying to dominate him because she has been taught to do so by that same society. He is cursing her out, she is cursing him out and…

...the children are watching…closely.

The little girl watches her mother get physically abused so she grows up with a distrust and disrespect for men. The boy sees his father become emasculated and talked down to by his mother and so he grows up suspicious and spiteful toward women.

According to Umar Johnson, both of these situations pre-dispose our children to the psychological imbalance of homosexuality.

He also says that this is “a cycle that is constantly perpetuated.”

Part III: The Mysticism

2011 Resolutions: “The Mother Ship Connection is Here”

Black people are crazier now than in any other time in history…” ~Bobby Hemmitt

Believe it or not, despite what may seem to be a gloomy situation…is actually quite the opposite.

This is the year of mastery for our people. It’s time to focus inward.

An expert-occultist, who simply goes by the name of “Panic”, relates that the number “11” is a master number symbolizing duality: Universe A and Universe B.

However, although there are two scenarios or stages, there is really only one resolution:

Do You!”

Universe A represents the physical, visible world as we have come to know it…cars, flowers, careers, etc.

The Universe A resolution is pretty simple and basically relates to working things out in this 3rd dimension. Some of the highlights on this level are: home schooling the kids, eating more natural, organic foods (especially vegetables), meditation, prayer, exercise, buy gold, etc.

If this resonates with you, great… Do you.

But, for those interested in advancing beyond the illusion of duality, to the level of mastery, where 2 becomes 1…

Universe B Resolution

Universe B, on the other hand, is the “dark side” that reflects a parallel existence to the physical world, both in the past as well as in the future.

Please try to imagine “dark” as a positive attribute from now on.

This is the year the “gateway” or portal opens to Universe B. In addition, there are 9 distinct occasions during the year when the binary code (01) is prevalent in the date and these days are linked to an abundance of untapped reservoirs of energy.

A clear example of this was the so-called “new years” day, or 1/1/11 or 01/01/11. This also was the day of the (natural?) phenomenon that resulted with piles of dead birds and fish all over the world. Brother Panic says this rare occurrence in nature represented the power associated with those days.

This is just part of a much larger prophecy that has been associated with the Mayan (Illusory) Calendar; just one of the events we have to look forward to during this “2012 Exodus Season”.

So, the “Mother Ship Connection” of George Clinton fame, or Universe B, is actually nothing more than a union with an existence which knows no bounds or limitations…the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

Remember, we run this *ish; they run around in it” ~Bro. Panic

If this seems like strange nonsense or science fiction stuff…that is exactly what it is…please return to Universe A…

But for those that know…

Do you, and…stay tuned for the 12th Edition of AfroAsiatic Perspectives1


Quote: “Stereotypes of a black male misunderstood…and it’s still all good” ~Notorious B.I.G.; lyrics from song, “Juicy”

Quote: “Just Do You” ~Sis. Yaffa Bey

Picnic: was a shortening of “pick-a-nigger” and referred to an outdoor community gathering during which families ate from box lunches while a randomly-chosen black man was hanged for the diners’ entertainment.

  • The word was originally derived from the term pick-a-nig. Pick-a-nig was a gathering for slave traders and their families back in the 17th/18th centuries. They would get together after slave trading and have a big party, called pick-a-nig.


Book: No Disrespect; by Sister Souljah

Book: The Story of the Moors in Spain; by Stanley Lane-Poole

Blogtalk Radio: Bro. Umar Johnson joins Know the Ledge

Blogtalk Radio: Bro. Panic on the Remix

Final Note: This was the most difficult AfroA Perspectives that I have written to this point for several reasons.  Perhaps no one captures and delivers that “difficulty” better than the immortal Lady Day herself, Ms. Billie Holiday

Lady sings the Blues

About Takuan Amaru

Takuan Amaru is an author, teacher, and public speaker. Former columnist of the Examiner (Philadelphia) magazine, he has written over 100 articles on various topics such as popular culture/music, ancient spirituality, and philosophy. Tak borrows from diverse life-experiences as a soldier, social worker, athlete, as well as music artist to connect with readers. He makes his home in Nagoya, Japan. Contact: or connect on Facebook. Websites: /
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3 Responses to AfroAsiatic Perspectives #11: “Stereotypes of a Black Male Misunderstood…”

  1. Atiya says:

    Wonderful, well written article…Truth

  2. jee says:

    I am a 35 yr old black man and even though I new that racism existed I never knew it to this extent. (Honestly I dont think about it in a “head on” type of approach, I admit that I am part of the problem, from the way I live, but the sad truth of this is that I dont really have a plan to change this. Therfore, I guess I really dont care anymore. I have tried to be a productive member in society from a spiritual perspective and even serving in the military 5years 3years overseas but have come back to doing the same shit I was doing before I enlisted. I am now struggling to just hustle. I’m not going to give a life story but as a man I am fed up with society and everything in it, as a black man I am angry and tired as hell with black women. I always hear there are no good black men and all men are dogs but when you commit yourself to a black woman they are so full of anger themselves, WTF, like the blog said two unhealthy people can not raise a healthy child, well you forgot to add a relationship too, so I no longer try. I have concluded that I am not a human being and I actually feel relief and less stress with accepting what I am. A black man that just want what I want and will get it by any means necessary, though I will admit that I do have a consciece I am losing it daily and if my soul gets consumed by the anger that I have so much of I pray that the disease of the reality for a black man will someday be extinguised by the love of someone greater than the hatred and anger that I live with everyday. I am so cold that I am even idolized by people for my cold heartedness, even the black women that I in the past were attacted to would not give me the time of day because of whatever reasons now all jock because I dont give a rats ass about them, WTF!!! Isnt that some ass backwards funny shit lol, a black woman looking for direction would just as soon go sell her ass on the corner before she trust a black man to be her king and give his life for her at any instant. I came to this realization just playing around with the idea, How would a woman respond to me if I showed her that I really could care less about her, and what do you know, thats exactly what I found was what more than a few black woman wanted. It angered and angers me of this sad truth and as I keep going down this “rabbit hole” I find that I dont really like myself and could care even less about these women either. How I would love to have a normal relationship but I dont know how and I dont know not one black woman that does either.

    Now for all the women that would think along the lines of that MF crazy I would never do this or do that or accept this or accept that or you must be brainwashing those women with low self esteem or have ben sexually molested or substance abuse or have been abused physically, NO! I repeat NO! Yes there are alot of women in that state physically, mentally but I am already dealing with my own issues who wants to knowingly go into a bad situation like that by mentally seducing someone you know you are not able to put on the road to recovery SMH. I know that every woman is not a whore and that no woman belongs to me. Funny thing with people though once you have their trust they will willingly give you themselves. Yet respect is what you make out of it by just being a man about any and every situation, by being very blunt and truthfull, even if you dont know waht to do, same principles as in normal relationship, I guess the only difference is that you cant give your heart away, your body is one thing but your soul is another, as long as a woman knows or believes she can be replaced that hour and life goes on without even a hitch seems to induce a type of fear, being left behind on her own, abandonment or maybe just figures that it just isnt worth the trouble of leaving the relationship as long as her basics needs are met and it dosnt take much at all either. I really hate this and am more amazed at the depths someone (myself included) will sink to in thier pursuit of happiness when all she really needed was that 9 to 5 skinny black man that didnt have it all but had a million tons of heart, but black women 9 times outta 10 will look over that dude and sell their souls to the charismatic attractive guy everyone seems to like with a million dreams instead. I believe that my way of thinking could possibly stem from the stement at the begining of your blog how could a black man look away while his wife mother sister was raped as if they didnt know what was going on. I believe that in some cases they may have been cowards, but what would your father have done if put in that situation, ask yourself that honestly and honestly try to answer. In a lot of cases I believe that it very well was a way of surviving because like I said I struggle just to hustle and though I believe that I have had periods in my life to where I can say I’ve lived I am definately no stranger to surviving either.

    • Takuan Amaru says:

      Peace brother! I just saw this today. Ironically, I was really going thru it too at the time u wrote this. Holla at me and let me how you’re making out…1

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