AfroA 29: Buck-broken Betas

buck broken

Takuan Amaru

“During slavery, there was a practice called “BUCK BREAKING.” This was a process of emasculating the strongest male on the plantation by forcing him to wear women’s clothing or beating and raping him in front his children so as to lead others to lose respect for him”

     ~Author Unknown

The sudden rise of gays and beta-males in society has been snatching headlines all over the world. So much, in fact, that some are questioning the authenticity of this new trend. In other words, is this phenomenon a natural occurrence? Or one that has been artificially manufactured?beta boys Although the gay-beta image crosses ethnic lines, no where is the symbolic stripping of masculinity more prevalent than in black society. The recent, shameless apology uttered by the rapper, Snoop Dogg, to Gayle King following her insensitive remarks about the late-NBA basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, speaks volumes. Why? Because it only occurred after Snoop was threatened (in a Tweet) by former U.S. National Security Advisor, Susan Rice. In her own words: “Snoop, back the **** off. You come for @GayleKing, you come against an army. You will lose, and it won’t be pretty.”

Did Snoop get checked by a bunch of “hoes”?

What “army” was Susan Rice referring to? When the former National Security Advisor to the president threatens to use “an army” it’s not the same as some regular-Joe-on-the-street-civilian. Is it possible that Snoop feared for his life? And perhaps this is the reason he apologized? Speculation into this incident can go in many directions, so let’s concentrate on a fact that is undebatable. Kevin Barringer, co-host of the ZoWhat Show, pointed out that Snoop Dogg is a rapper who, to a large extent, made his fame by spitting misogynistic lyrics like “bee-yatch”, “Gz up – Hoes down”, and who could ever forget, “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks, lick on these (bleep) and suck (bleep, bleep)? Well, in 2020,  it seems the script has been flipped: Snoop is now getting checked by some of the very “hoes” he rapped so eloquently about. And to add to the irony, Snoop claims he decided to apologize after having a conversation with his “momma”.

You know I raised you better than that. You’re a representation of us. Every woman that ever crossed your life, you’re a representation of that”

     ~Ms. Beverly Broadus-Green, Snoop’s mom

According to Snoop, from this conversation he “got it”; and this prompted him to, in his words: “Just man up and deal with it.” He finished his statement by saying: “I don’t mind being checked. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.” But was Snoop so wrong? In the video-in-question, Snoop was clearly upset about Kobe’s death, and was defending the legacy of a friend so close to his heart he considered him ‘a little brother’. snoop-and-gayle (1)I guess the question is: What would you do if someone, in the wake of your friend’s death, was deliberately smearing his/her reputation and legacy? Oh, and let us not fail to mention the evidence for this bogus rape-claim was based entirely on the lies and innuendo of a documented (several sperm-samples in her panties), certified “hoe”. So what I am proposing is this: even if Snoop did cross the line, considering his emotional state, shouldn’t he get a pass? We cannot forget the U.S. is a country that recognizes and respects a white woman’s right to lie about being raped by a black man in order to “protect her reputation”. Case in point, the Internet has been scrubbed-clean of the “Denver woman” who accused Kobe. emmett_till_That said, I do know the name of the liar who accused Emmitt Till of “grabbing her waist and uttering obscenities.” Lies that ultimately resulted in his very brutal murder. Her name was Carolyn Bryant—the irony continues to thicken. The only reason I’ve mentioned this “hoe” is because a few weeks ago the U.S. House of Representatives passed an anti-lynching bill nicknamed the “Emmitt Till Bill.” If it becomes a law, lynching will be a federal crime. Hearing this sheds light on the vast difference between how everyone in the world views lynching as compared to whites. And this makes sense, once you consider that the evil people at their satanic rituals called picnics, who are caught on film smiling and pointing at melanin-rich corpses hanging from trees, are this generation of white folks’ great-grandparents. Just think about it: if you have an upper-class white friend, associate, or coworker, there is a fair chance that, stashed away somewhere in their garage or attic is a box of ‘Jim Crow souvenirs’ from the “good ‘ol days”. To ensure their memories would never be forgotten, thousands of these heinous images were converted into portraits, postcards and other memorabilia. In some towns, these after-church, family-events were the highlight of the weekend. It was recreation. So you see, as deplorable and inhumane as we know lynching to be, it represents something totally different to the ruling class. When we see these images, we feel pain, lament, fear, and hatred. Just another Sunday Afternoon at the parkFor whites, however, the overriding emotion is either pride or embarrassment. Why? Simply because they know very little has changed from the era of Jim Crow to the administration of Don Trump. Exactly like their ancestors before them, this generation is still unjustly benefiting from “white privilege” and therefore, believe it or not, many view lynching through a nostalgic lens. However, since this type of barbarism cannot be justified, the media attempts to minimize any mention of their “peculiar” pastime. So you see, whether or not the Emmitt Till bill becomes a law, just the fact it is being “discussed” 100 years too late—now that all the cheesin’ folks in the photos are dead—this alone should be enough to make anyone who is paying attention feel insulted. And while we’re on the topic, whenever I see images like the photo above, I cannot help but wonder how many other “Carolyn Bryants” (i.e. lying white women) are out there? Just sitting back without a care in the world with their names, atrocities, and lies erased from the record.

Bought, Paid for & Compromised

Is Snoop-Dogg just an example of a tired, old man with nothing left in the tank? Have many of yesteryear’s Hip Hop legends stopped valuing the opinion of black people? Host of the talk-show “The Black Authority”, Jason Black, seems to think so. During his show entitled Buck-broken Old Men, he goes in on Snoop, Big Daddy Kane, and Rakim for their head-over-heels endorsement of Marshall Mathers, the Caucasian rapper known as Eminem. In the words of Jason Black: “Hip Hop is not theirs to give away.” BigDaddyKane-KobeBryant-Eminem-When Big Daddy Kane is asked in an interview: “If you’re Dr. J and Jay-Z is Jordan, who is the ‘Kobe of Hip Hop’?” Kane deliberates for a long-minute before stepping right past the likes of Kanye West, Andre-3000, Super-Natural, Mad Skillz, Mos Def, Li’l Wayne, Nas, Jeezy, 50 Cent, T.I., amongst countless others, to anoint you-know-who. Jason Black talks about how both Kane and Rakim have stopped caring about what black people think therefore, he postulates, being regarded as the G.O.A.T. by his people is no longer important to Rakim. Black also emphasizes how Snoop, Kane, Rakim (and I’ll throw in Ice-T and DJ Premiere)—any of the so-called legends who endorse Mathers with greatness—are just “old men on leashes” who can no longer be trusted because they have been compromised.

“They’re chomping at the bit to sell us out at every level. And I say to hell with these old niggaz!”

     ~Jason Black, The Black Authority

So who’s the Man?

Is patriarchal masculinity the source of society’s woes? Is this what white-feminist groups like the LGBTQ are calling “Toxic Masculinity”? Harris O’Malley, in his articleThe Difference between Toxic Masculinity and being a Man, states Toxic Masculinity is “defined by violence, sex, status and aggression. It’s the cultural ideal of manliness, where strength is everything while emotions are a weakness.” Was Snoop exhibiting toxic behavior when he expressed resentment at Gayle’s line of questioning to Lisa Leslie? Many seem to think he was okay until he ended his rant with “before we come get you”. Really? Folks let’s be honest.trump-yelling Did anyone actually believe Snoop was planning to physically harm Ms. King? If so, how does the Snoop-Gayle incident differ from the foreboding words that President Donald Trump shot at Congressman Adam Schiff a few days ago, saying he should “pay a price”? Or, how Republican senators were warned their heads would be put “on a pike” if they went against the president. In spite of these threats being far more graphic and violent, it doesn’t seem like anyone is anticipating that Trump and Schiff are going to square-off anytime soon.

Where is Susan Rice’s tweet warning Donald to back the **** off?

Do you think Trump and Schiff are alpha-males? A better question is: considering there are no apologies being issued by anyone in the Republican party, can we safely assume that when alphas get pissed-off, they may use terminology that betas interpret as “threatening”? Colleen Clemens, a professor of non-Western literatures and the director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Kutztown University, wrote the article: Say No to “Boys will be Boys”. In it, she seems to debunk this notion saying: “We can no longer excuse negative behaviors (like this) with the line, “Boys will be boys.” But is it possible for aggressive, alphas to assume beta ideology and behavior patterns? Isn’t that comparable to forcing a round peg into a square hole? Roger Corley, in his article entitled: Modern Masculinity In-Crisis: Rise of the Beta-Male, posits this hypothesis: “Modern society has ostracized and ridiculed the ideals of masculinity for both boys and men, stunting their emotional and psychic maturity and forcing them into submissive beta-male roles within an increasingly feminized culture.” With this in mind, why aren’t white leaders like Trump being forced into “submissive beta-male roles”? Put another way: how come it’s only black athletes and entertainers (like Snoop) who are required to bow down and kowtow?

“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”

     ~Malcolm X

Was this a moment when Snoop was supposed to “be a man” and show support for his brother? In other words, should Snoop have “stuck to his guns” even if it meant taking an L? Dan Bacon, in his article entitled, Alpha Male vs. Beta Male: What’s the Difference?, states: “When life gets tough or you encounter a challenging situation, you will be considered an alpha-male if you remain strong and keep pushing forward to victory…” For a moment, let’s speculate on what might have occurred had Snoop done what needed to be done, which was to unapologetically say: “Fu%$ Gayle, Susan, Oprah, and anyone else who has something to say! I love Kobe, he’s my little brother, and I will defend his reputation—no matter what!” What do you think would have happened? Would Snoop have had to worry about his career? flav-bernie-chuck dDo you think the government would’ve unleashed the I.R.S., F.B.I., D.E.A., or any of the agencies that Professor Griff of the group, Public Enemy, calls the “Alphabet Boys”? Speaking of P.E. and buck-broken beta-males, is it a coincidence that Chuck D is the same guy who threw Professor Griff under the bus back in 1989, and now instead of supporting his “little brother”, Flavor-flav, he fired him to show support for Bernie Sanders? Is Chuck D just another old sell-out on a leash?

Alpha-Beta Double-Standards

As illustrated above, when it comes to white males in the ruling class, so-called “toxic masculinity” is not only tolerated but expected. It is normal. However, for the lower classes (especially the darker hues), we are made out to be the “boogeyman” if we so much as comment on, let alone disagree with, the effemination process that is being shoved down our throats. Roger Corley details how, by discouraging masculinity, society has bred a generation of timid beta-males who he describes as “immature, selfish, childish, weak, narcissistic, and vengeful boy-men.” He warns of certain consequences such as “a continued increase in male suicides, mass/vengeful violence, and what’s recently being described as an en-mass “check-out” of men and boys from their vital societal roles.” Come to think of it, this creation of timid beta-males which leads to boys checking-out of their societal roles reminds me of another ex-NBA player, Dwayane Wade, and his child. And once again, upon further scrutiny of the fiasco I call “Zion vs. Zaya,” we discover the boy either has or had a white man for a nanny. Let’s unpack this for a moment: who in their right mind would hire a white man to raise a black boy? Without delving any further into this matter, there is already enough to question whether or not this child’s path to adulthood is being steered by Mother Nature…or is being artificially manufactured?

Takuan Amaru is the author of Gaikokujin – The Story.



About Takuan Amaru

Takuan Amaru is an author, teacher, and public speaker. Former columnist of the Examiner (Philadelphia) magazine, he has written over 100 articles on various topics such as popular culture/music, ancient spirituality, and philosophy. Tak borrows from diverse life-experiences as a soldier, social worker, athlete, as well as music artist to connect with readers. He makes his home in Nagoya, Japan. Contact: or connect on Facebook. Websites: /
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